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Available as:
01 -Samadhi ~ Prelude
02 -Resign to Surrender ~ A New Age Dawns - part IV
03 -Unleashed
04 -Martyr of the Free Word
05 -Our Destiny
06 -Kingdom of Heaven ~ A New Age Dawns - part V
07 -The Price of Freedom ~ Interlude
08 -Burn to a Cinder
09 -Tides of Time
10 -Deconstruct
11 -Semblance of Liberty
12 -White Waters
13 -Design Your Universe ~ A New Age Dawns - part VI
14 -Incentive (Bonustrack)
Released October 2009
© 2009 all rights reserved

First release in: October 2009

The Classical Conspiracy - Live in Miskolc, Hungary - ~ Album
Available as:
2 CD Live Album
2 CD Live Album
01 -Palladium
02 -Dies Irea
03 -Ombra Mai Fu
04 -Adagio
05 -Spider-Man Medley
06 -Presto
07 -Montagues & Capulets
08 -The Imperial March
09 -Stabat Mater Dolorosa
10 -Unholy Trinity
11 -In The Hall Of The Mountain King
12 -Pirates of the Caribbean Medley
13 -Indigo
14 -The Last Crusade
15 -Sensorium
16 -Quietus
17 -Chasing the Dragon
18 -Feint
19 -Never Enough
20 -Beyond Belief
21 -Cry for the Moon
22 -Safeguard to Paradise
23 -Blank Infinity
24 -Living a Lie
25 -The Phantom Agony
26 -Sancta Terra
27 -Illusive Consensus
28 -Consign to Oblivion
Released May 2009
© 2009 all rights reserved

First release in: May 2009

Chasing the Dragon ~ Single
Available as:
7 inch Picture Disc Vinyl
7 inch Picture Disc Vinyl
01 -Chasing the Dragon (Previously unreleased radio edit)
02 -Replica (Fear Factory cover)
Released June 2008
© 2008 all rights reserved

First release in: June 2008

The Divine Conspiracy ~ Album
Available as:
01 -Indigo ~ prologue
02 -The Obsessive Devotion
03 -Menace of Vanity
04 -Chasing The Dragon
05 -Never Enough
06 -La‘petach Chatat Rovetz ~ the Final Embrace
07 -Death of a Dream ~ the Embrace that Smothers part VII
08 -Living a Lie ~ the Embrace that Smothers part VIII
09 -Fools of Damnation ~ the Embrace that Smothers part IX
10 -Beyond Belief
11 -Safeguard to Paradise
12 -Sancta Terra
13 -The Divine Conspiracy
Released August 2007
© 2007 all rights reserved

First release in: August 2007

The Road to Paradiso ~ Photo Sound Book
Available as:
Photo Sound Book
Photo Sound Book
Released May 2006
© 2006 all rights reserved

First release in: May 2006

Quietus ~ Single
Available as:
2 track single
2 track single
01 -Quietus (Silent Reverie) (Single version)
02 -Linger (Previously unreleased track)
Released October 2005
© 2005 all rights reserved

4 track maxi single
4 track maxi single
01 -Quietus (Silent Reverie) (single version)
02 -Crystal Mountain (previously unreleased orchestral version)
03 -Quietus (Silent Reverie) (grunt version)
04 -Crystal Mountain (previously unreleased track)
Released October 2005
© 2005 all rights reserved

First release in: October 2005

The Score ~ Album
Available as:
01 -Vengeance is Mine
02 -Unholy Trinity
03 -The Valley
04 -Caught in a Web
05 -Insomnia
06 -Under the Aegis
07 -Trois Vierges (solo version)
08 -Mystica
09 -Valley of Sins
10 -Empty Gaze
11 -The Alleged Paradigm
12 -Supremacy
13 -Beyond the Depth
14 -Epitome
15 -Inevitable Embrace
16 -Angel of Death
17 -The Ultimate Return
18 -Trois Vierges (reprise)
19 -Solitary Ground (single version)
20 -Quietus (score version)
Released September 2005
© 2005 all rights reserved

First release in: September 2005

Solitary Ground ~ Single
Available as:
4 track single
4 track single
01 -Solitary Ground (soundtrack version)
02 -Solitary Ground (Remix)
03 -Mother of Light (previously unreleased version without grunts)
04 -Palladium (previously unreleased track)
Released May 2005
© 2005 all rights reserved

First release in: May 2005

Consign to Oblivion ~ Album
Available as:
01 -Hunab K'u "A new Age Dawns - prologue"
02 -Dance of Fate
03 -The Last Crusade "A new Age Dawns - part I"
04 -Solitary Ground
05 -Blank Infinity
06 -Force of the Shore
07 -Quietus
08 -Mother of Light "A new Age Daws - part II"
09 -Trois vierges
10 -Another Me "In Lack'ech"
11 -Consign to Oblivion "A new Age Dawns - part III"
Released April 2005
© 2005 all rights reserved

First release in: April 2005

We will take you with us ~ DVD
Available as:
01 -2 Metersessies
02 -Making of 2 metersessies
03 -Music video's
04 -Making of music video's
05 -The voices of The Phantom Agony
06 -Slide show
Released September 2004
© 2004 all rights reserved

First release in: September 2004

Cry for the Moon ~ Single
Available as:
4 track single
4 track single
01 -Cry for the Moon (previously unreleased single version)
02 -Cry for the Moon
03 -Run for a Fall (previously unreleased single version)
04 -Run for a Fall
Released May 2004
© 2004 all rights reserved

First release in: May 2004

Feint ~ Single
Available as:
4 track single
4 track single
01 -Feint
02 -Feint (previously unreleased piano version)
03 -Triumph of Defeat (previously unreleased instrumental track)
04 -Seif al Din
Released January 2004
© 2004 all rights reserved

First release in: January 2004

The Phantom Agony ~ Single
Available as:
4 track single
4 track single
01 -The Phantom Agony (single version)
02 -Veniality (previously unreleased track)
03 -Façade of Reality
04 -Veniality (previously unreleased orchestral version)
Released October 2003
© 2003 all rights reserved

First release in: October 2003

The Phantom Agony ~ Album
Available as:
01 -Adyta "The Neverending Embrace"
02 -Sensorium
03 -Cry for the Moon "The Embrace that Smothers - Part IV"
04 -Feint
05 -Illusive Consensus
06 -Façade of Reality "The Embrace that Smothers - Part V"
07 -Run for a fall
08 -Seif al Din "The Embrace that Smothers - Part VI"
09 -The Phantom Agony
Released June 2003
© 2003 all rights reserved

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